Sheena Huelar Langub



All artists and designers are in search of their voice. The less fortunate end up never finding it. Most will obtain it through guidance, schooling, and supervision. However, the journey takes place in a different setting for floral designer, Sheena Marie Huelar.

True talent also comes from accidental occurrences.
— Random Wise Person

It all starts in high school. While the kids were too busy dealing with peer pressure, class politics, and causing adolescent mayhem, Sheena found herself working at a local flower shop. At the time, the job was merely a means to make an end. But, it soon became something much more. Before she realized it, family and friends would consistently reach out to her on numerous occasions for arrangements. It was her work that touched many on a child’s day of birth, a wedding between her closest friends, or even for a moment to mend a broken relationship.

With great flower(s) comes great responsibility.
— Another Random Wise Person

What was only a way to gain income while studying to become a full-time teacher, was a career waiting to be embraced. Though, as most artists face the road to risk dropping a so-called steady career for the unknown , that was when Sheena chose a noble path. Rather than abandon her studies or give up her talents as a designer, she made her own way and pursued both. Since then, she has inspired the lives of children with guidance, and touched many with her designs.